Wednesday 3 July 2024

About Today Readings

St Thomas

Ephesians 2:19-22. Go out to all the world and tell the Good News – Psalm 116(117). John 20:24-29.

Prayer is a place for openness and honesty

I am sure Jesus loved Thomas in a special way. He was prepared to say the things that other people were only thinking. Jesus always had a kindly warmth for those, such as Nathaniel and the Syrophoenician woman, who spoke plainly and from the heart. He found it impossible to get close to those, such as Herod and Pilate, who maintained a façade of power and control. They did not have the courage to show vulnerability and uncertainty. Prayer is surely a place for openness and honesty. Sometimes we are skilled at hiding from ourselves, but there is no hiding from God. Jesus’ relationship with Thomas was quite physical. He asks him to put his hand in his side, to touch his wounds. His relationship with us is similar. He asks us to touch the wounds of the world because they are his wounds too.

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