Wednesday 31 July 2019

About Today Readings

St Ignatius Loyola
Exodus 34:29-35. Psalm 98(99):5-7, 9. Matthew 13:44-46.
Holy is the Lord our God – Psalm 98(99):5-7, 9
‘The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field.’

After many months living in a cave near the town of Manresa, attending to spiritual movements, one day the restless Ignatius spent a time sitting beside the river Cardoner and ‘the eyes of his understanding began to be opened; though he did not see any vision, he understood and knew many things’.

Following a year bounded by town, river, and cave, this pilgrim received a grace which got him moving again. He walked on to a wider world of cities, oceans, and stars.

Having survived physical injury and mental anguish, Ignatius now knew God’s abiding love and grace personally. He began helping all sorts of people, listening and offering ‘spiritual exercises’ for discerning God’s presence in their days. Ignatian spirituality now gives many people a practical way to seek and find God in all things. This path animates the Society of Jesus and many more companions, Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam.

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