Wednesday 5 February 2020

About Today Readings

St Agatha
2 Samuel 24:2, 8-17. Psalm 31(32):1-2, 5-7. Mark 6:1-6.
Lord, forgive the wrong I have done – Psalm 31(32):1-2, 5-7

King David’s wrestle with his choices, his conscience and his ability or lack of to accept the consequences, is a reminder of the times in our lives when we find ourselves cornered by our own messes. We find ourselves bargaining with God, asking for this or that in response to our needs. The God that David wrestles with is a God of justice. Let us be grateful for the mercy of Jesus, who invites us into a different relationship of truth with tenderness, justice with compassion, and patience with knowledge. Knowledge of our human condition through His own suffering, makes Jesus a beautiful ally indeed.

The phrase ‘He was greatly surprised because the people did not have faith’, speaks of Jesus’ humanness and his expectations that people would believe. Imagine what that would have looked like at the time. When it says Jesus was not able to perform any miracles there because of their lack of faith, this speaks to me of a dependence of one on the other. We need to have faith for Jesus to be able to perform miracles. The people had also pigeonholed Jesus, so to speak, as we often do through economic or social prisms. Yes, the people were amazed at Jesus’ wisdom, but they did not allow themselves to receive it, given His social standing as a carpenter’s son. Lord, please increase our faith in your power and may we never be a surprise to Jesus.

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