Wednesday 6 January 2021

About Today Readings

1 John 4:11-18. Lord, every nation on earth will adore you – Psalm 71(72):1-2, 10-13. Mark 6:45-52.

The friend to quieten fear

Exhausted by the demands on his energy and attention, Jesus seeking time away from his disciples and the crowds is understandable, even necessary. He sends the crowd and his disciples away and climbs a mountain. It’s likely we can all relate to those tipping points. Those times when our energy is spent, the noise and expectations too much. We feel we’ve given enough and now we need to be alone. Jesus next comes into view of his disciples later that night on the lake while they’re ‘straining at the oars’ in the wind. Their struggles are soon eclipsed by the alarming sight of Jesus, who has come down from the mountain like Moses yet walks on water like no other – like a ghost. While he appears in a manner beyond ordinary human understanding, his voice reaches them, a voice of familiar, brotherly reassurance. Jesus is the calm where the wind causes struggle. He is the friend to quieten fear.


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