Wednesday 6 November 2019

About Today Readings

Romans 13:8-10. Psalm 111(112):2, 4-5, 9. Luke 14:25-33

Happy the merciful who give to those in need – Psalm 111(112):2, 4-5, 9.

‘You must love your neighbour as yourself’

‘Love’ in the digital era is expressed frequently and intensely, but it’s a fickle business. Social media platforms ensure we can communicate feelings for whoever or whatever is seeking our attention ­– an endless conveyor belt of products, personalities and opinions. Except signalling our approval isn’t love. It’s not even close to St Paul’s description of love. Love which is unselfish. Love which does no wrong to a neighbour.

The tides of popularity can change, as Jesus must have sensed. Those crowds who follow him, do they know how difficult true love and fellowship can be? How it will be tested and what they must leave behind? As Christians today, we are evermore challenged to remain faithful to discipleship, to the ideal of love expressed by Paul. Are we really prepared to carry our cross? Can we truly love our neighbour as we love ourselves? Are we ready to do more than click a button?

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