Wednesday 8 November 2023

About Today Readings

Romans 13:8-10. Happy the merciful who give to those in need – Psalm 111(112):2, 4-5, 9. Luke 14:25-33.

We are all neighbours in the human family

In Australia, the television series Neighbours is part of our cultural canon – for better or worse. Ramsay Street generally typified the best of the local neighbourhood. However, what is at the heart of the show and at the heart of Paul’s letter to the Romans is the importance of loving your neighbour. Importantly, this love is as big as self-love so it means that it’s about really noticing, caring and acting for one’s neighbour, rather than simply passing in the street or giving a curt nod of recognition as you hurry by. As the famous lyrics remind us Neighbours should be there for one another. That’s when good neighbours become good friends. We are all neighbours in the human family, made in God’s image, with the blood of brotherhood and sisterhood coursing through our veins. Taking the garbage in for a neighbour is a good turn, but perhaps we can do a little more, especially if our neighbours are elderly or less able. It is what we would want for ourselves, so let’s do it first and start a chain reaction of neighbourly love in action.

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