Wednesday 9 August 2023

About Today Readings

St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

Numbers 13:1-2, 25 – 14:1, 26-29, 34-35. Lord, remember us, for the love you bear your people – Psalm 105(106):6-7, 13-14, 21-23. Matthew 15:21-28.

We are asked to deepen our understanding of what it means to follow Jesus

The important thing about Jesus’ encounter with the Canaanite woman is that at no time does he say no to her request. At first he is silent, then he challenges her to let her discern the authenticity of her belief. Does she herself fully understand what she is saying? Does she herself know what she means when she uses the word ‘Lord’ or when she identifies him as the Messiah (‘Son of David’)? Jesus has seen many crowds, and, just like today, people flock to leaders for all sorts of reasons, not all of them consonant with exactly what the leader needs people to understand. When the woman finally establishes to herself her commitment to her divine Lord, Jesus rewards her faith. We too are called on to deepen our understanding of what it really means to follow, and commit to, Christ as Lord, as God, as Saviour. It carries great consequences.

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