Pope’s Monthly Intention September 2021


An environmentally sustainable lifestyle

We pray that we all will make courageous choices for a simple and environmentally sustainable lifestyle, rejoicing in our young people who are resolutely committed to this.


Praise to you, Good Father, who gave us this Common Home
and in it all the things that speak of your love for us.
Send the fire of your Spirit that ignites our hearts
to always choose to live in the way of your Son Jesus,
simple, supportive and sober in the use of things,
sharing who we are and have.
Give us a generous heart to care for the legacy of our Common Home and
let us be encouraged by young people’s commitments to your creation.

Offering prayer
Good Father, I know you are with me.
Here I am on this new day.
Place my heart once more
next to the Heart of your Son Jesus,
who is giving himself for me and who comes to me in the Eucharist.
May your Holy Spirit make me his friend and apostle,
available for his mission of compassion.
I place in your hands my joys and hopes,
my works and sufferings, everything that I am and have,
in communion with my brothers and sisters of this Worldwide Prayer Network.
With Mary, I offer you my day for the mission of the Church
and for the prayer intentions of the Pope and my Bishop for this month.
  • Life a sober and simple lifestyle
    “A minority believes that it has the right to consume in a way which can never be universalised, since the planet could not even contain the waste products of such consumption” (Pope Francis). This month I will discern my consumption habits and prayerfully discern my expenses.
  • Care for the Common Home
    “The natural environment is a collective good, the patrimony of all humanity and the responsibility of everyone. If we make something our own, it is only to administer it for the good of all.” (Pope Francis). This month I will make a resolution to consume less and share more with my brothers and sisters.
  • Admire and be grateful for creation
    “We are called to include in our work a dimension of receptivity and gratuity. It is another way of working, which forms part of our very essence. It protects human action from becoming empty activism.” (Pope Francis). I will take free time off to make myself aware of my life and to be grateful for it. I will take time to be with my brothers and sisters.
  • Work for others
    “The human person grows more, matures more and is sanctified more to the extent that he or she enters into relationships, going out from themselves to live in communion with God, with others and with all creatures.” (Pope Francis) This month I will seek to be generous, helping others in the community, in my family and at work.
  • Support and assist courageous decisions made by young people
    “In those countries which should be making the greatest changes in consumer habits, young people have a new ecological sensitivity and a generous spirit, and some of them are making admirable efforts to protect the environment.” (Pope Francis) I will support community initiatives for the care of the Common Home with prayer and service, to the extent of my abilities.
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