Praying with the Pope in February 2019

Human trafficking

For a generous welcome of the victims of human trafficking, of enforced prostitution, and of violence.


Father of kindness, I thank you for the enthusiasm and joy of young people.
In them I find their capacity to dream, idealism
and the strength to make this world a more peaceful and just place.
Pour out your Holy Spirit on our communities,
so that they may be meeting places between several generations,
united in communion with you, celebrating your presence among us.

May the enthusiasm of young people be, in your Church, the motive of a new missionary spirit, marked by joy, especially among those who need it most, the poorest,
the most disadvantaged, those who have lost hope.
During this month, I pray for the young people who will participate in World Youth Day in Panama and for the fruits, for the Church, of this great meeting.

Proposals for the month

  • Put yourself at the service of institutions that are dedicated to rescue people in situations of human trafficking and help them economically or through voluntary service
  • Brainstorm, in your family or in community, some concrete initiatives to help a person that live in these situations.
  • Organise, in your parish community, or other groups, a moment of prayer for the victims of human trafficking, in which all share information about this topic.
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