Passion Week Reflections: The Light of Christ


20 Mar 2018

The Light of Christ is the central theme of Michael McGirr’s daily reflections for Easter Week.

From Palm Sunday to the Easter Vigil Easter, Michael, a regular Madonna contributor, uses some of the works of Italian painter Caravaggio (1571-1610) to illustrate how Jesus brings light to even the darkest corners of our lives.

Caravaggio is known for his dramatic use of lighting and realistic observation of the human state. In his various paintings of the capture, trial and torture of Jesus, as well as the crucifixion aftermath, Jesus is often bathed in light – a figure of peace, calm and hope among his darkly-rendered tormentors.

Caravaggio’s paintings are a source of inspiration and express the challenge of Holy Week to let the suffering of Jesus bring light to every corner of our lives.

Reflections for each day

Palm Sunday

Monday of Easter Week

Tuesday of Easter Week

Wednesday of Easter Week

Holy Thursday

Good Friday

Easter Saturday

Easter Sunday

Michael McVeigh is the Editor of Australian Catholics magazine, and senior editor at Jesuit Communications.
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