My Pet Loves and Hates


26 Apr 2017

Whenever I hear the fireworks, I don’t think of celebration,
for it sounds like someone’s bombing the hell out of us, and I think of all those in war torn countries.
On New Year’s Eve it doesn’t sound like the end of the year, it sounds like World War 3.

I don’t like talking on my mobile phone when I’m out, I like to let others to get off the tram before I get on.
I like churches on Sunday, I don’t watch television,
I don’t like concerts because there’s too many people, although I love live music.

I like op shops, and stopping to pat cats and dogs, and smiling at children.
I like the feel of turning the paper pages of a book, I like sipping a cup of tea,
I don’t like McDonald’s or Hungry Jacks or KFC, I like buying my eggs from a farmer’s market.

I like catching trains and buses and seeing the countryside, I like saying hello to the postman,
I like leaving bottles of beer out for the garbage men at Christmas time, I like writing letters and sending cards,
I don’t like drunken parties, I like getting up before dawn.

I like storms, I like giving compliments, I like condiments, I like the thought more than the gift.
I like taking the stairs and not the lift, I don’t like gyms, I like looking up words I don’t understand in the dictionary.
I like teddy bears, I like the sunlight pouring into a room, I like getting caught in the rain.

I like seeing old couples holding hands, I like getting hugs, I like seeing what people are reading on the tram,
I don’t like made in China, I’d like to see a free Tibet,
I like picking roses from someone’s garden, I don’t like people putting plastic bags in the recycling.

I don’t like cyclists who don’t ring their bells, I like to buy records, I like to listen to birds and watch fish,
I don’t like people putting their bags on the tram seat, or not standing up for those in need,
I don’t like tagging but I like graffiti, I don’t like spitting.

I only like shopping at dawn when no one’s there, I like poetry,
I like the wind through the trees, I like praying in the quiet where no one can hear,
I don’t like hearing about celebrities or cellulite, I like reading the paper in my local café.

I don’t like the devil with his charm and good looks, I like Jesus with his rags and black feet,
I don’t like how the shops close on Christmas day and good Friday because of some law when they make a killing from these holy days.
I don’t like reality TV shows when all I see is jealousy, I don’t like all the choices we have in supermarkets when so much of the world goes hungry.

I like the beauty of age, I like wrinkles and grey hair, I like someone to hold my hand as I go to sleep,
I forgive the mistakes of youth, I don’t like drug dealers, or clairvoyants who make money out of some one’s loss,
I don’t like labels on people or their clothes, I like hot air balloons in the morning, I like subtitles, I like family Bibles.

Peta Yowie is a writer living in Melbourne
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